Our brand name Mascot Food Colour is the leading manufacturing company in the market for manufacturing from various carbohydrates like wheat, corn starch hydrolysates, which are warmed within the sight of acids like sulfites, alkalies like ammonium and the salts like ammonium, bicarbonate, sulfate and bisulfate. Caustic Sulfite Caramel Colour, which has sulfites, similar to the name says. Follow sums as a rule and frequently the aggregate sum in under 10ppm, so cautioning about sulfites is not found in the mark so you have to know this. No ammonium is added to this nourishment colouring. We are producing the caramel colour by heating carbohydrates in the presence of sulfite compounds, but without the presence of ammonium compounds.

Caustic Sulfite Caramel Colour Supplier

It is steady in liquor, and it is found in certain mixed drinks, particularly sherry, cognac and tequila, and also in some balsamic vinegars. These types of Caramel Colours are created from starches that are warmed within the sight of sulphite mixes. It is soul dissolvable, red tone and a negative ionic charge caramel colour. It is usually utilized as a part of tea, whisky and brandy. These caramel colors carry a negative ionic charge. This colour is more constant in products with high alcohol content, and often applied to alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, brandy and cognac.

Applications Area

  • Whiskies
  • Brandies
  • Tea
  • Confectionaries
  • Distillery Industries
  • High proof spirits, such as cognacs