We are Ahmedabad’s top supplier and producer of caramel color. We are committed to providing a wide range of Caramel Colors with astonishing amounts of contemporary industrial experience. The Caramel color is upgraded or standardized by the use of Mascot Food Colors. Heating food-grade carbohydrates in a controlled atmosphere produce a caramel color. Different classes and varieties of caramel color can be produced using various food-grade acids, alkalis, or salts. These many varieties of caramel color are designated by the suffixes E 150 a, b, c, and d. Caramel colors provide excellent alternatives for all-natural beverages. We provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices on the market. We are devoted to providing Natural Caramel Food Color. We take great pride in providing our customers with Natural Caramel Food Color. Our business is run out of Gujarat, India. For its authenticity, precise composition, ideal color, and extended shelf life, it is highly regarded. In order to reduce the possibility of leakage during shipping, we package it in premium packaging. We are able to do so within the specified time period and in large volumes. We charge a very fair price for it. With the necessary knowledge, our logistics specialists efficiently transport goods to consumers. As a result, we have widespread favor both domestically and internationally. We now have a fantastic reputation in both home and foreign markets.